Wednesday, November 01, 2006


Each day of this week is an eternity.  I know that statistically we are likely to be fine and come out of this with a healthy baby, but we have fallen on the wrong side of statistics so frequently that I can't actually have any faith in that.  We are heading to a lovely tropical island for the weekend, hopefully to just be quiet and calm and relax.  In H's case probably to sleep since he doesn't really do that much here with all the stress he is putting on himself.  I had to drive him to work today since he never went to sleep last night and the last time he did that he rear ended someone.  Reflexes not exactly up to snuff. 

Anyway, I am still tired and needing naps during the day, so I am hoping that is all a good sign. 

By the time I get back I am hoping to have a couple of interviews set up, and my second US is Thursday, so I am really hoping to get a bunch of good news in the near future.


Nico said...

Have a lovely weekend! I am hoping so hard that you get more good news next Thurs - you so totally deserve to be on the right side of the stats for once!!

Hopeful Mother said...

I hope your tropical getaway helps make time move more quickly. Waiting is so difficult...

Best of luck.