Friday, November 16, 2007

34w5d, Panic begins to ensue

Had my 34 week appointment on Monday and did a non-stress test. Last
week I felt the nugget was a bit quiet and so my dr did the non-stress
test. It seemed fine, a little quiet but not a big deal. He just
wanted to check again, but this time we failed. We were
non-responsive. They followed up with an ultrasound and everything
seems fine.

Nugget was probably sleeping but still it wasn't that much fun. They
even used a buzzer several times to try to get a response, but while
nugget might startle, he didn't keep moving on his own.

We are really starting to get close. We are only a few weeks away and
there is still so much to do. I am hoping to get a bunch of stuff
done this weekend, but I have not been sleeping well so I am not
really terribly productive when I am home.

We are talking to the dr about a c-section because I am afraid I will
panic during regular labor, and also I would like to separate our
child's birthday from xmas if we can. It doesn't seem like it would
be very nice to have a birthday and xmas be on the same day or just a
couple of days apart. It would be nicer if his birthday could be his
own. So we discussed it, and the dr was ok with the idea, his nurse
called back the next day with a schedule of December 8!!

As in 3 weeks from now. I almost threw up on the phone. I freaked
out. I don't know if I will be ready in 3 weeks. Also, both H and a
good friend of mine are trying to convince me not to do a scheduled
c-section. Now I don't know what to think.

Monday, November 05, 2007

33w1d, 7week home stretch

Today I made the announcement at work that I am going to be less available after 6 weeks.  I know I am 7 weeks till the end but i didn't want to over promise to anyone if I have to leave earlier.
There still seems like there is so much to do, but some things can't really be done until later.  I would like to get our xmas shopping done, but H wants to use amazon for everything so we don't want to order too early.  We took some photos for our xmas card, but we haven't chosen that either. 
This crib is all set up and has a mattress but I haven't done any laundry yet for all the clothes or sheets that we have received from friends yet.  My mom is throwing me a shower this weekend, which will be very nice, but will also let me know what all we need to buy to complete the list of things we need.  For example, I don't think we are getting a cradle for our room, so we will have to buy that. 
I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the shower, and we are really getting excited about everything. I am just starting to worry about what we will get done on time and what will end up sliding till next year.  I don't like being late for stuff and will feel bad if we end up not getting xmas presents out to all the nieces/nephews because nugget decides to come early or we just didn't plan well enough.