Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Another wonderful day at the RE

Today I had a wonderful day (HA) at the clinic.  I needed a bunch of tests and blood to find out what the F... is wrong with me. 

So of course, I asked them to toss in a pap, because why not?  Legs are up, crotch is uncovered, go ahead.

I am not sure if I have mentioned but I am really terrible at the down-there doctor.  Like really tense bad.  I try to relax and remind myself this is no big deal but somehow it is always a big deal.  I have gotten better especially since I am feet-up every couple of months for another transfer/retrieval/blah/blah/blah, but still not great.

Well today was a topper.  On top of a pap, I needed a hysteroscopy and a biopsy of some sort.  The hysteroscopy was horrid.  There was so much pain, and there is no apparent reason.  Some people (most) don't really mind the procedure, but I could feel shooting pain all the way out into my hips. 

The biopsy was less painful, which is also a little odd according to the dr, but I was totally accepting. 

Now I am bleeding and crampy.  Just so uncomfortable. 

And we have a 'romantic' weekend planned.  I hope to feel better, otherwise this weekend would be a bust, and really, that might piss me off more than anything else.

This whole process has taken a lot of the 'fun' out of stuff.  Everything is timed and monitored and nothing is random spontaneous fun now.  It is pretty frustrating and I don't think I like it.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

I'm the dad

We had a (big) Superbowl party this weekend.  It wasn't intended to be a big event, but somehow it turned into a large group.  We started out inviting just 2 or 3 couples and then added a couple more and a another group.  Of course I didn't request RSVPs because, really, how many people are going to come??  Especially since we only started asking the Monday before the game.
Surprise!  We had over 20 people, some of which brought kids.  It was really fun, and I enjoyed myself (and Sangria) quite a bit.  My friend came over with her 4.5 month old and I was holding her when she started crying and fussing.  I turned to H and said 'She is broken, fix her!"  He takes her and she goes right back to sleep.  He had been playing with my nephew so I grabbed him and gave H the baby. 
My nephew and I started wrestling and growling on the floor.  He is so funny and so much fun.  While we were doing this the baby's mother said, "You are the dad".  I was a little startled.  I just looked at her.  Her response "You are rolling around on the floor and you leave H to do the comforting and calming, you're the dad".
It was very funny.