Monday, November 06, 2006


I am so exhausted.  I have not been sleeping well at all lately and I have been having dreams that are really weird.  On a good note, last night was the first time I had dreamed of this pregnancy going to term and having a child out of it.  It was weird and more than a little nice.  Of course there were an awful lot of other dreams that weren't exactly the same.  In one I found out H was having an affair.  I woke up in a SUPER-BAD mood.  I know that H is not that type of person, but I was hurt by someone a long time ago who did cheat.  It is something that seems to be in the back of my mind and pops up in dreams every once in a while. 

As a perk though, last night I dreamed that I kicked the crap out of my MIL.  That was a bit cathartic.  H and I had dinner with my parents last night and she came up in conversation.  I guess perhaps she frustrated me just a scooch.  :D

There were a whole bunch of other dreams last night, but they have all become pretty foggy. 


Nico said...

I never got any more, or more memorable, dreams while pg. Sounds like you've got them going on in spades! How nice that you dreamed about a real live baby though. I take that as a very good sign!

J Fife said...

So sorry for the sleep problems. The MIL dream made me laugh though. Hope you can sneak in a nap.