Friday, September 28, 2007

27w6d, Irony alert

H has been 'planning' my halloween costume.  He wants me to be a pumpkin. Ha ha, fat girl in pumpkin costume!
We both call the nugget and each other pumpkin so he thinks that would be cute, and it might be, but still a little cliche.
I was flipping through a catalog that had costumes in it while he was talking and I held up a cute 'goddess' costume and said "I could go as a goddess".  His reply "Yeah, a fertility goddess".
Yeah, that seems really appropriate.  Funny and ironic, but probably not appropriate.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


I am very bad at this updating thing.  I have been a bit distracted with stuff around the house, but that is no excuse really.
I have also been spending my at home-computer time trying to put together a website for my family.  I registered at several different places and didn't want to have to tell people different things so I thought a website that consolidated all the information in one place would make things a little easier.  I have done any web stuff in years, and I am not imaginative enough to do the actual 'design' part, so I have been struggling to try to put something together that wasn't offensive. 
I think I have finally pulled something together that is simple and relatively attractive.  I would like to add some more functionality but I don't know that I have that in me this week. 
We had an appointment on 25w1d and found that the nugget (or nuggette) is measuring about a week or so ahead.  Apparently this puts it at the 90th percentile for size. 
That concerns me, a lot.  I have a biggish head, and H has a big noggin and thick skull so this kid is pretty destined to have a big head.  I don't need it to have a big head AND be bigger than other babies!
I have had a tough week with people at work too.  Not a big deal or anything, just a lot of extra comments about my size, weight, 'suggestions' of all kinds.  I kind of reached my limit this week, on Tuesday.  That is not a good sign.  I know I am probably being a bit extra senstive, but still I just want people to be a little less invasive some of the time.  I had someone ask if I was having twins, ffs!!  I am just starting my 7th month and I have gained 17 pounds so far.  That doesn't feel like 'twins' weight to me!
Of course that was after work where 2 people made comments about 'waddling' which I don't think I have started to do yet!  I mean, I am clearly, obviously showing now, but not like I am huge and look like I am going to give birth next week!
Well, I am supposed to be working, so I am going to run.  I'll try to post more soon.