Thursday, September 18, 2008

9 Months

Yesterday my little man turned 9 months old.  We had his well-child visit and found him to be 50% for weight and head circumference and 75% for height. 

He is such a funny little wonderful man.  He makes all sorts of silly faces at us, he scrunches up his face and blows raspberries.  He growls and attacks me like a little monster.  I call him baby-zilla, attacking the tokyo-mama-city, but when I fight back then I become the mom-ra.  We are silly together and he laughs out loud whenever you surprise him or he surprises me. 

He has been teething for approximately forever.  His bottom two teeth are in and one of the top.  The other top is still trying to break through.  Because he is teething he sometimes bites me while he is nursing.  Without fail he bites me and then laughs.  He has a big smile and a throaty laugh.  Heh heh.  It is too funny, though not usually immediately.

He is cruising on everything.  He even stood in the middle of the room the other day, not holding on to anything besides his sippy cup, lifted the cup and drank from it.  Then he chose to sit down.  He didn't fall, he sat.  He is starting to scare me.  He is so mobile and so fast. 

He is loving, especially to other babies.  He will cuddle almost any time, though he prefers to be crawling in between the cuddling. 

These last few weeks have been better for me.  I am starting to get a routine down with work and home that is working.  I still don't have any time to work out or lose this 'baby fat' but that will come, I hope.

Next week H and I will have been together for 10 years.  It all amazes me. 

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Working mama

I have just been reviewing my life a little today.  I realized that since I have gotten settled into work a little bit more that I haven't taken many pictures of the baby.  He is changing so much all the time, but my time seems to short with him that stopping for a camera has fallen by the wayside. 

I realize that I need to work on balance for my life to work out.  I enjoy working, my job is challenging and interesting but I also love my child and don't want to miss out or forget so much.  I didn't even post a specific 8 month post.  I kept thinking about one since there have been so many changes but then the month just got too far along. 

I have also been dealing with a bit of depression.  This month has made me so sad.  I felt like I have been abandoning my child.  Like he is going to forget me, and love the au pair instead.  The au pair is wonderful and she loves him.  I do not worry about her, just that he will grow confused about our relationship.  It has been very difficult, but has finally gotten better.  Even H was worried about me and usually he is not very observant about things like that.

I (mostly) know that my fears are groundless but when I am in a bad place I can't turn my mind from them. 

I am in a better spot mentally and emotionally this week, so now is when I need to make the changes to keep me on an even keel.  I will post next week for a 9 month post.  I promise myself and my child.