Thursday, November 02, 2006


Decided to torture myself a little bit yesterday.  I was out shopping, picking up a couple of things for our trip, when I decided to take a quick pass through the maternity section.  I know I am not showing and I am still not even a 100% certain about this pregnancy but I just wanted to look.  See what MIGHT be in my future, and boy oh boy, what hideous-ness.  According to Tar-Jay, I have nothing to look forward to besides shapeless muu-muu tops and bland big belly pants. 

Can't wait.


J Fife said...

The only saving grace of maternity clothes is that it is comfortable. Those giant elastic waistbands were like heaven for me at one point.

I have a strong feeling that you'll manage to make it all look cute.

Nico said...

I second J - it seems like you have a really great fashion sense, I'm sure you'll manage to find some non-hideous things!