Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Tough day

I finally spoke to my OB, and I was in such a good mood.  I was actually going to be able to call him my OB.  That is a huge step forward for us.  We chatted for a while and he was busting my chops a little, which is funny.  I don't mind being teased by him, he is a good guy and always means well.  Then he dropped a  little bomb.  He feels that I will need to come in to see him every 2 weeks for the entire pregnancy, until the end when it will be weekly.

He is concerned about a couple of older health problems that can predict some future issues, primarily miscarriage and early delivery.  He wants to start the testing almost immediately, including some more genetic testing.  He is affiliated with another big hospital in the Boston area, which is not the one I went to for my treatment.  This is all a little disappointing.  I was really hoping/thinking that maybe this pregnancy would be fairly uneventful and that I would be able to experience a little bit of being normal.  HA, clearly that is not in the cards for me.

Also, I was interviewing for a position and had my second interview yesterday.  It seemed to have gone well, and I was to hear today.  I am a bit over-qualified for the position, but it is 12 minutes from my house and less than 10 from my OB's office, so that all seemed perfect.  I just want to go back to work, and I realize that since I am pregnant that I will be leaving for a time next summer so I thought something a little less complicated would be a good thing for me.  I also am so tired of commuting.  Every job I have ever had has been a minimum of an hour commute, each way.  I can't keep doing that.  I just can't mentally do that, and try to be a normal person.

Well, I finally heard late this afternoon and they offered the position to someone else.  I have no idea why, they told my recruiter that they loved me and thought I was great, but still they offered to someone else.

Finally, my brother-in-law, who lives very far away has announced they are pregnant.  7 WEEKS, we are 9 weeks tomorrow and we haven't even started telling our closest friends/family, except for those who were involved in the IVF drama.  This is the same BIL who, when he heard we were engaged responded with the comment "I guess I am going to have to go shopping now", who we told our date to and 6 weeks later a Save the Date card comes in the mail for the SATURDAY BEFORE...ON AN ISLAND....20+ AIRPLANE HOURS AWAY.  

I am happy for them, but I just wish we could have made our announcement individually.  Does that make me a bad person??


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry. That was definitely a tough day. On the bright side, it seems like you have a very good OB.

You are so far from a bad person...

Nico said...

I think its great that your OB is being proactive - hopefully the 2-weekly visits all along will keep anything untoward from happening.

I don't think you're awful at all for feeling shitty about your BILs announcement. You've tried and wanted this for SO long, it's only natural for you to want this time to be about YOU and not have to share it with them.