Friday, November 24, 2006

Vacation, Thanksgiving update

Vacation was very nice, we didn't do anything but sit on the beach for 5 days.  H had a wonderful time, I was a bit bored, but he was really looking forward to doing nothing after working so hard recently that I didn't want to stop him.  It was nice overall, but we our flight was late returning and we didn't get in until almost 11 pm on Tuesday night.  On Wednesday we had to run around like crazies doing all the shopping for Thanksgiving.

We were volunteered to do Thanksgiving this year by my mother.  She claims that she doesn't have enough room for everyone, but we have had quite a few people at her house before.  I just think she doesn't want to do it anymore and is pushing it on me.  I am the only child who is close by that doesn't have any children, so what else would I do?  It is alright, I don't mind though H hates the cleanup.  We actually ran 5 full loads of dishes in the dishwasher since last night and had to wash all the pots and serving dishes by hand.  He was still washing dishes at 2:00 this afternoon.  He is a very good cleaner, one reason I am such a lucky girl. 

The number of people kept changing, all the way up to Wednesday.  On Wednesday I discovered that everyone who said they were not likely to come were coming.  So we had a total of 16 adults and 4 kids.  It was packed.  H made a table top for our pool table out of plywood and it just fits 16 people around it.  The plan was that the kids would sit at a different time, wouldn't sit at all, or something.  It turned out the one family was late and so they sat at a second sitting which staggered the seating a bit, making it all work out perfectly. 

It was fun, if overwhelming.  There were a couple little 'family blowups' but on the whole really quiet.  Also, we got out of traveling to visit the MIL which is the first year ever and that might be one of the top things I am thankful for this year! 

Still no pregnancy symptoms yet.  I am still a little tired in the afternoons, but my hunger has really dissipated to very normal levels.  My belly has gotten a little bigger but nothing really noticeable.   Mostly it is just like middle age spread.  My waist is bigger everywhere, not just the belly, so I can't really blame it on pregnancy.  I have my next appointment on Tuesday and I am hoping to feel more confident after that.  I keep feeling confident after my appointments but then the doubts creep back in. 

Every time I go to the bathroom I still check for blood.  I don't know when that will stop.  I really hope that one day during this pregnancy that I will feel confident enough that I will forget to check even just once in a while, but so far that hasn't happened yet.  Even in the middle of the night I check. 

Today is 10w1d, we have passed through 25% of this pregnancy, though I won't feel secure that we are through until I hear the doppler next week.

Oh, by the way, my cousin is pregnant.  That is ok with me, I am better with this whole thing now.  She is 5 months along, and having a girl.  I am better about H's brother too.  I just needed time to process it, I think.  My friend is 8 weeks further along that I am and I am thrilled about it.  We are going to have kids around the same time and that makes me happy.  Now it seems that my family will be adding another 'batch' ('crop' ??) of cousins and second cousins around the same time. 

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Nico said...

I'm impressed by your Thanksgiving - that's a lot of people to feed!

I hope everything goes well at your appointment. I'm so glad you're feeling better about the other preggers...