Friday, November 10, 2006


We had our 8w appointment yesterday.  It was all good news.  Heartbeat of 160, size of 1.6cm.  Each of these are pretty much right on for 8w0d.  We spoke to our doctor after the ultrasound and she was very happy.  We graduate out of their program into my own OB, who I called yesterday.  I was still so hesitant and concerned yesterday.  I asked the dr when I could feel better, more confident.  Her reply... "Now.  With a scan like this you are at 90% likeliness of a healthy baby at the end, and when have the odds ever been 90% in your favor??"  This is why I like this new clinic, straight talking, no crap. 

Our ultrasound was FOREVER.  We had a new-ish resident and he didn't really know what he was looking for or where.  He seriously spent over 45 minutes looking for my left ovary, but he was below my belly button.  I, myself, was pretty certain that it was a bit more TO THE LEFT, but he was certain he would find it eventually.  He finally said he found it, but added a note to the scan so we don't think he really did.  It didn't matter, the attending came in 10 minutes later and spent 3 minutes, he found the left ovary, the right one and the baby.  All in the 3 minute scan. 

I wonder why the US department was running 1.5 hours behind??

Still a good day.


J Fife said...

Yes! Love the good news. How are you feeling? It's hard to remember when I was 8w, but it seems like it was a time that I spent exhausted and avoiding strong smells - everything made me nauseous. So happy for you!!!

Nico said...

I am *SO* happy for you!!! 90% is definitely a good place to be.

Thalia said...

90% sounds good to me, I hope it only increases from here. Congratulations!