Sunday, April 22, 2007

Worst. Decision. Ever.

I received 'the call' about our HCG levels while at a friend's home for the weekend.  She just had a baby, her third and he was over 4 weeks early.  Several of her friends hadn't been able to give her a shower before the baby's surprise arrival so they chose to do a 'welcome home' shower.

It was very nice of them and they kindly went around my schedule to let me be included.

I wanted to go, for my friend and to meet the people she talks about all the time, but I had hoped to be going with some better news under my belt.

Instead I sat in a room with 10 women all having a minimum of 2 kids.  All talking about how easily they got pregnant, every detail about their children's lives.  Blah blah blah.

All this while I had to sneak into the bathroom to shoot myself in the butt with progesterone.  I would have called H to come get my if someone hadn't been anxiously awaiting the bathroom.  More than once I looked around to try to figure out how I could sneak away without offending anyone, and I couldn't come up with anything!

I love my friend very much, and we had a very nice weekend with them, but the baby shower might have been a little too much for me.

Next up, travel to LA to visit my cousin and her first baby, ~6weeks old.  Good timing all around.


Adrienne said...

You're a good friend, that's what that says. I hope the visit with your cousin is easier than this was.

J Fife said...

What a tough weekend. Thinking about you...

Anonymous said...

Hoping for good news. Thinking of you!