Friday, April 13, 2007

9dp3dt, Willpower = nil

Today was the day.  I knew I wasn't going to be able to wait any longer, nor did I really want to.  I knew that if it was negative, I could convince myself it was too early and if it was positive I would be content for a few days. 

There was the peeing, the dipping, the waiting, and...... nothing.  No line.

Unless you looked really really closely.  Like by the 'light of a thousand suns', don't know what blog I read that on, but it is helpful.

The faintest little pink line, next to this horrid glaring pink line.  So I bring it back to bed and make H look at it.  He sees nothing either, certainly without a lot of prompting from me.  Finally he agrees there is the faintest second line, but he doesn't really believe that it is real or an indication of pregnancy. 

I don't care, right now I feel certain I am pregnant.  How long I will be pregnant is completely not the point, just that I know I am, right now. 

I will test again in 2 days and let you know.  I will be very sad if the line stays the same or is lighter. 


Nicole said...

A line, is a line, is a line. Congratulations!!!

Adrienne said...

Bravo to you for waiting this long - your willpower is extraordinary.

And I agree with Nicole - a line is a line, so congrats!

J Fife said...

There's no way I could have waited any longer either. That faint line will become brighter and brighter. It must! I'm sending all of my line darkening vibes to you. Hugs...

Thalia said...

A line is a line is a line! congratulations.

Btw the 'light of a thousand suns' is from 'a little pregnant', her pregnancy w charlie.

Anonymous said...

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