Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New update

I went away right after my second beta.  We went to LA for a business trip for H.  I got to spend the week in a sunny city with fun shopping and even a celebrity sighting or two!  It was really nice, and I got to see my cousin and her next baby.  Yep, I decided to go on a trip to see the latest addition to our extended family.  I might be a little bit masochistic.

After the previous depressing betas, I had to find another clinic in the LA area to take my blood.  It was a frustrating afternoon, but it got done.  The results were improved from the Saturday reading.  The HCG was 899, which was just about double.  My clinic has a minimum of 1.66 every 48 hours, rather than strictly doubling, so I met their minimum, but not by much. 

I had to go back again, to a new clinic since my nurse HATED the clinic I went to on Monday.  She found them so hard to deal with that she wouldn't let me go back. 

My cousin found me a place near her apartment, which was nice, since I could have lunch with her and my aunt directly after.  The time difference made getting results difficult, but the following day I found out I was at 2730.  Which, after 72 hours is completely acceptable by any standard. 

I had my ultrasound yesterday at 6w0d and we were right on for size and had a 106 heartbeat.  The article I read stated that if there was inadequate doubling during the first 5 weeks, even with a heartbeat, there is no successful pregnancy after first trimester.  I am trying to be happy about hitting this milestone, though I know I have been here before. 

H is happy though and hoping for the best.  I am hoping for the best, but I don't know how much faith I can put into it.  I have this fear that if I actually believe in this pregnancy and think it is going to work, that is when the rug will be pulled out from beneath me. 

Still, we saw Sean Penn and Mike Tyson at dinner (not together) so that was a cool end to the week.

Then we returned home to week-long house guests who brought their 11-month old.  Did I mention the masochism??


Nico said...

I know that you're nowhere near the point where you can feel positive about this pregnancy, but ... a heartbeat! Rising betas! Really good news. I really, truly hope that this baby gets to be a real, live, take home baby!!!

Leggy said...

Yeah for doubling. Double yeah for heartbeat. Got everything crossed for you- I really hope this bugger's a keeper!

J Fife said...

Such good news! Hoping for even better and better news...

Hopeful Mother said...

Good news on the doubling beta and ESPECIALLY the heartbeat.

It is YOUR TURN!!!

The Town Criers said...

Sweetie, I am crossing everything in sight for you. Fingers, toes, you name it. And sending so many good thoughts. All of this is good news and I'm holding hope for you guys.