Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Damn, I forgot to pee on a stick this morning for another 48 hour comparison.  I was thinking I was to test tomorrow, but that will be a 72 hour test, which is not as accurate to compare to the other sticks.  Damn, damn, damn.

On the good front, the spotting has stopped.  I spotted for a couple of days, and only strongly the first day.  It never turned red, and the severe pain I was feeling has definitely subsided.  I still get aches but the nurse swears that is from all the stim on the ovaries.  I didn't mention the incredible level of constipation I have been going through, so I am hoping a good portion of the pain if from that.  (I almost went in a way grosser direction for that sentence, you're welcome).

In our house we have become a bit obsessed with fiber.  If you have never met my husband you can't understand how serious a statement 'obsessed' really is.  He makes decisions and then goes crazy following them to see where they lead.  For example, he felt he was too heavy in college, so he decided to go vegetarian.  Not so unusual, right?  Well, he didn't actually go vegetarian, what he did was go to a no-fat diet and call it vegetarian.  He did lose quite a bit of weight over the 5+ years he did this diet. 

I am a bit more, whatever, about things.  I like to eat what I like to eat, I just prefer not to eat 10 lbs of it at a time.  A bit of his obsessiveness has rubbed off on me, (a little!!) but right now we are on a crazy fiber kick.  I am so constipated from all the meds and the pre-natal that I might explode.  Thankfully we have 14g of fiber bagels, put a little peanut butter on those babies and don't stray far from a toilet.  Also we have these breakfast bars that are 9g fiber, and poop-cicles (they are fudgecicles with fiber, what would you call them?) with 5g fiber each. 
I have been an enthusiastic consumer from this shelf in the kitchen and NOTHING IS HELPING.   I might actually die from this.  Ok, so maybe a little melodrama, but seriously, is it normal to not be able to remember when you last pooped?? 

I will now leave the poop conversation.  Please enjoy your regularly scheduled day.


Nico said...

I found that 'fiber choice' pills, which you can get from Target really really helped. They're chewable, and yummy, so it's really not too bad.

I'm so glad your spotting has stopped!! Will you be getting a beta any time soon?

I'm keeping on hoping for you guys!

J Fife said...

No more spotting. Great!

Sorry about getting backed up. That is one of life's most uncomfortable situations. I have no super advice on that front - maybe lots of water, a long walk? Love your description of your dear husband. It's perfect. We miss and love you both. Hugs and poops!