Sunday, October 08, 2006

Way to make the 2ww fly by...

Well, first you have H's birthday be within the first week.  Then decide BEFORE SCHEDULING TREATMENT that you will throw a birthday party.  At your house, with everyone he works with, local friends, and, of course, family. 

Decide that 21 adults and 7 children of various ages can all be fed the same thing, then realize that you have some vegetarians, and some 'no red meat' people coming to your BBQ.

Realize also that if everyone gets a piece of 'birthday pie' you would need at least 4 pies, proceed to cut enough apples for 6, just in case.  Cut for most of the day, bake for most of the evening.

Receive package of meat in mail, (you didn't expect me to cook enough meat for a bazilion people did you?) and remember that you aren't suppoosed to be lifting heavy things.  Open box on porch and bring each piece of meat in one at a time. 

At the last second decide that you need to add enough non-meat items to a Texas-style BBQ in case everyone in a vegetarian.  

Be very happy that the last guests leave exactly 5 minutes before the shot and meds are scheuled.

Repeat as necessary to get through entire week 1.  Congratulations, halfway through!

Thanks everyone, for your support about the injection.  Turns out that H used a ginormous needle, instead of the nice delicate one I 'convinced' the clinic to let us use.  So the injection went in with a fire hose instead, so maybe the headache was from a super overdose of progesterone??  I don't know, but now H feels very relieved that he didn't 'kill our unborn children'.  His words, not mine.


Hopeful Mother said...

Being busy (as long as you're not physically straining yourself too much) is a great way to pass the 2ww.

I hope you are hanging in there - not long now until beta!

J Fife said...

Oh my gosh, you are a domestic goddess. You baked multiple pies? BBQ? My mouth is watering.

Happy birthday to H! He's a very lucky man.

Hope the next week goes by even faster...

Nico said...

I am so impressed by your hostessing! And v. glad that H didn't use the right needle :-)