Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Update (or NBHHY)

Thanks to Nico for letting me know the acronym NBHHY.  Nothing bad has happened yet.  Right now that is still true.  I feel better discussing where things are and where they are going while still undergoing all the fertility treatments.  Now that we have our first positive pregnancy test, I don't want to jinx anything. 

Things are going alright, but if I make one tiny mis-step, will that all go away??

At the moment both H and I feel like, at least we know we CAN get pregnant.  It is possible.  Between us we can come up with one sperm and one egg healthy enough to grow, at least for 4 weeks.  We 'saw' the heartbeat yesterday and found that my progesterone is still 216.8.  I can now go to oral which is 3 pills a day but better than the stick in the butt! 

We were so excited that there was a heartbeat, but then we spoke to the Dr. and he feels that it is a bit 'behind' from when you would expect it to be.  Since implant was Nov 7, on our appointment, it should be 6w2d, but the heart-rate was only 93 and size was 2.8mm.  These are measurements for a 5w6d.  If we are still 2-3 days behind at next weeks appointment, then the Dr feels ok about it, but if we are falling further behind then we can expect failure at some point in the near future. 

Right now the expected date is 7/29, but if we continue to be a few days behind then we will head into August, which is my anniversary and birthday, so that could make our house hectic for 2 weeks.


Nico said...

You're definitely welcome at a Boston area blogger gathering! Lines or no lines - I don't think infertility ever leaves you quite the same.

I will be hoping and praying that everything still looks good at your next ultrasound.

Anonymous said...

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