Monday, November 28, 2005


Wow, having 17 people in your house all at once is distracting!  At least I didn't sit and stew about what my numbers were. 

Of course I did that all morning today.  Bloods at 7am and 5 hours of working while I am so distracted that I can't focus.  And then they call and somehow my phone doesn't ring, it goes straight to voicemail.  I am sitting here, right next to the phone and all of a sudden I get a 'beep'.  Thank God the nurses now know me and leave all my numbers and info on the voicemail otherwise I call back and ask a million questions.

Today b-hCG is 1208 and progesterone is 224.  The woman says anything over 30 is good.  That sounds high, but there are no complaints if everything is working!

Now, another whole week of waiting before an ultrasound and visit the Dr.  I am starting to feel better about this.  The nurses say that after next weeks US I am allowed to start feeling excited and if I want to begin telling people.  I don't know if I want to keep this private a little longer, just in case.  What if something bad happens and I have already told everyone I know?  That seems like a bad thing.  A bad thing that I don't know if I can truly handle.

So far I haven't really had any symptoms, other than an increased sensitivity to smell.  It isn't necessarily a bad sensitivity.  The smells aren't making me sick or anything, just an irritation.  I also have a little cold and whenever I have a cold I get increased sensitivity to smell, so I can't really blame this on pregnancy. 

My mind is now everywhere.  All the good things, all the possible bad things (and there are MANY!).  It is very exciting, but also really scary.  I am so confused as to how I should feel.  I don't know which direction I can turn


J Fife said...

Such good news! You must be breathing a little bit easier. I understand about not wanting to tell anyone. I waited until I was well past 12 weeks. It didn't feel real, and I was also afraid something would go wrong. Plus, it was kind of fun having a little secret.

The only symptom that I remember having really early on was extreme exhaustion. Like, I almost had to pull the car over on my drive to work and take a nap. I could have slept around the clock. I had the hyper-smell sensitivity a few weeks later. Ugh. That wasn't too fun.
All of my positive energy is going your way. Have a great long nap...


Nico said...

Thanks for your comment about the PIO on my blog!

So glad this cycle seems to have worked for you. Not too excited yet, but chanting the IF mantra - NBHHY! (nothing bad has happened yet). Hope your u/s goes well!

As far as telling people, I think that I will probably tell the few people I would want to hold my hand (and head) if I were to miscarry. So not everyone I know, by any stretch, but definitely the people I count on when I need a shoulder to snot on.