Thursday, September 14, 2006

Beginning IVF #5

Today the spotting begins.  My cycle is starting and I need to get my first US tomorrow.  I am terribly nervous and a little teary.  I am doubling up on Acupuncture and Massage for the next couple of weeks to help 'calm' me.  I don't know that it works that way but at least while I am there I am allowed to sit in a blank quiet room nothing but a warm lamp on and some light music.  I do find that I get to drift a little during that part, though the last massage has left some significant bruising. 

This is not a joke.  I had trouble sleeping the first night because every time I turned over, I woke myself up with a stabbing pain.  I am hoping that a hot bath and another massage (with some rules set!) might help. 

I am worried about the spotting as I am not really at day 1, but I spoke to the nurse and since I am on a short course of BC and am only 2 weeks into my cycle, she doesn't expect much more than spotting.  I don't know.  This whole cycle is so different from any that we have done previously.  That could be good or not.  I have no idea. 

The old clinic sent a letter recently to say that the Dr who was our guy is no longer with the facility.  Of course there is no 'reason' associated with his leaving, but I would guess that all the bad  press lately couldn't have been helpful.

I don't know what I will do if this is another failed cycle.  I am not sure if I can handle another massive failure.  Even medicated. 


GLouise said...

Hi there- I just found you via "Jill's" website, and look forward to following your story. Wishing you all the best during this upcoming cycle.

Thalia said...

Don't worry about the spotting. it's the little bit of lining that built up while you were on the pill going away. The pill keeps hormones suppressed so everything will be ready for you to start.

Hoping for you.

J Fife said...

Good luck, N. Take care of yourself.

J Fife said...
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