Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Day 12

Back again for another round of blood and ultrasounds.  Still only found 9, 4 on the right, 5 on the left.  None of the smaller guys caught up.  Still each of the 9 is between 17 and 20 so tonight is the HCG injection.  Unfortunately H is at a work dinner and I need to inject into my butt alone.  I am really no good at this.  I do all the other injections and pills etc, but I really need him to do the butt shot.  I find it to difficult, and the needle is so huge that I freak out about it. 

Still, I am almost done with the first phase of this cycle.  Now it is on to the retrieval. 


Nico said...

Nine is great! I hope that you manage the butt shot okay, I'm sorry that H can't do it for you.

Sending lots of good thoughts and good egg vibes your way!

J Fife said...

You're so brave. Hope the shot isn't too bad and that everything works out for you. Big hug!