Thursday, September 07, 2006

Scotland review

Here are the photos from our trip. There are around 1100 more but I didn't think you would appreciate that. I tried to post these another way and I am not happy with how it posted. I made them a bit large, so please let me know if this is a problem. Also, please don't click on the thumbnail. It will load a completely different page and that is kind of a pain. I haven't been thrilled with loading to Flickr, so if you can tell me another way to load photos I would greatly appreciate it.

This is only funny to some specific people, but H and I like it!


This is the William Wallace memorial, in front of it is the ugliest statue of Mel Gibson from Braveheart. It is ridiculous, but absolutely a riot. The memorial is really pretty though.
This castle was under construction and right off the side of the road. It was so cool but we got kicked out really quickly as it was a 'construction site'. This was one of only a few that we could get before getting in trouble.

Here come some of the Highland Games. These were awesome. This is the Caber Toss, which is big stick These are the GIRLS.

These are the men. The Caber is 200 pounds, more or less. There is a goal of getting the pointy end as close to 12 o'clock as possible, but really who cares!!? Just the lifting, grunting, running, and throwing is enough for me!

This is a FIRE PREVENTION DISPLAY. This was done by the firemen to encourage FIRE SAFETY. I am sure that worked. You can't read the note next to the fire, but it says "Next Demonstration 8:30ish".

H is not a little guy, but he looks like a total peanut next to the Games competitors.

Outside of a B&B we stayed at, on one of our last nights.


It seems that all (most?) of the churches have a wooden roof. Unfortunately this is what happens when that church falls into disrepair. Yes, that is grass where the roof ought to be.

Wedding day, H and I, and the site, inside and out.

Street performers in Edinborough.
Many things are deep fried in Edinbourgh. Including pizza. Or a candy bar that you bought at the convenience store next door. That the guy lets you fry up all by your self! So not the most flattering photo, but it was too amusing not to post.


J Fife said...

These photos are beautiful. You and your husband are much too photogenic. Gorgeous!

I hope you were treated well in Fife-land. If not, you can log your complaints directly with the self-appointed ruler.

Nico said...

Looks like an absolutely amazing trip. And you both looked just stunning for the wedding. Thanks for sharing!

Thalia said...

You are totally a babe! That dress was completely the right choice, you look wonderful.

So sorry I haven't checked in in a while. I am catching up now.