Saturday, September 16, 2006

Spotting to starting

I spoke to my nurse who explained that since I was on such a short first cycle, I might only spot as a period so I went to my US as scheduled.  Well, about 5pm I started REALLY bleeding.  At least I now for sure that I am cleaned out for a new cycle I guess, but there was certainly no spotting.  As I said, I have an entirely new protocol which includes all new medicines.  Most of which I have never taken before.  So I inject one of them this morning into my leg as usual and immediately feel like a bruise.  No big deal, sometimes I bruise, well this proceeded to become actual real pain and difficulty walking.  I thought that a little walk around the neighborhood would be a good idea to get the medicine moving into my body and out of my leg, so I went for a 3 mile walk.  Normally when I go for a walk I try to do around 5 miles, so it feels like 'exercise' but I was in such pain that I had to come home early. 

Great, there are only 10-13 more days of this medicine.  Yay.


The Town Criers said...

That sucks. I'm sorry. Can you inject it in a different place? Near the belly button?

Nico said...

I'm sorry that the shot was so awful. I hope you just hit a bad spot and the rest of them won't be so bad.

A new cycle with a new protocol sounds like a recipe for success to me. I am crossing *everything* that you do not have to deal with another failure. Everything.

J Fife said...

Gosh, this is so crazy. Hope things are going smoother for you.