Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Monday was our first appointment with our new OB. The group is super
nice, and they specialize in high-risk pregnancies. The appointment
took forever, we were there for over 4 hours and he wants us to come
in every other week. That is a little tough for me what with just
starting a new job and all. It won't always take 4 hours but it will
still be most of the morning as the office is over an hour from my home.

We saw our nugget on the ultrasound and it has hands and fingers
already! It is very exciting. It is also around 6.5 cm which is a
little big, but no one else seems worried. They were all ok with me
coloring my hair again, because seriously it is so embarrassing to
continue walking around with these roots. I horrify myself. We even
got permission from the doctor to use our doppler. He recommends
only once a day, which is twice what we are doing so I feel like we
aren't damaging anything. His response was that we would be doing so
many ultrasounds, that the doppler would be a drop in the bucket.

We took some pictures this weekend for the first time. The last two
pregnancies we took pictures every week, and then they each failed.
It seemed like we would jinx things with a photo, but it was finally
time. Besides I need proof that I can grow boobs!


Nico said...

yay for a nugget with hands and fingers. And every other week appointments must be very reassuring. I am SO glad things are going well this time. Do we get to see the pics?

J Fife said...

Awesome news! I'm so glad that you're going to get to peak at the nugget so often. You know that nickname is going to stick forever now.

In my last comment, I realized that I sounded like a pervert asking for photos, but I didn't mean photos of the boobies. I meant photos of the belly.

So happy for you...