Monday, June 04, 2007


So far so good. I am still on PIO until my next appointment which is
next Monday. I will just be at 12w1d then so I will be at the end of
the first trimester. Hopefully things will still be well and they
will allow me off the progesterone.

I haven't really had very much in the way of 'symptoms' except for my
pants being tight on me. When I look at myself in the mirror I can
see stuff spreading and thickening, even though I have only gained
~5lbs so far. My pants are tight, but skirts and stuff still look
fine on me. No one has 'noticed' my weight except me and H (of
course), in fact a woman commented that I am not fat at work today.
She was talking about in the general sense not the pg sense but still
that made me feel a little better.

The only real 'symptom' besides by burgeoning belly is my boobs. I
might even be a full B cup! Possibly a B+ (but that might just be
wishful thinking). Seriously I didn't even think my body could
create boobs, but it can!

We heard the heartbeat today after a lot of searching. It was a
little nerve wracking but finally we found it. I will have to check
again tomorrow to make sure it wasn't a fluke.


Nico said...

Yay for a heartbeat!!! Yay for no more PIO as of next week.

I think I have the same boobage problem as you - I wore my A cups until I was around 30 weeks. Made it up to a C eventually! woo-hoo.

J Fife said...

All of this good news makes me smile.

I barely remember, but I, amazingly, also grew some breasts. Too bad they didn't stick around.

Are you taking pictures to document your transformation?

Anonymous said...

YAYAYAYA, so happy things are going well for you! And what great news hearing the heartbeat! With my first pregnancy I went from an A to a C and lucky me they stayed, so did an extra 30 pounds though, but hey I got Boobies!!