Sunday, March 04, 2007


This is sad and horrifying.  H and I had a wonderful weekend away right after Valentine's.  I thought, it was 'relaxing' and just plain old nice.  We had a wonderful weekend, and the 'timing' was right.  I thought, hoped, that this might be the charm.  I have been acupunctured and yet, yesterday was day 1.  Another day 1. 

It is hateful. 

We spoke with the dr this week and we have the same/similar protocol as the last time.  With the expected same results.  I am sad and frustrated today.  I don't think a couple glasses of wine had a positive result on my mood.

Seriously a couple equals 2.  Not a bottle or anything, but I think I am just on the edge of unhappy and this pushed me right over the side.

BCP starts tomorrow.  I have a huge suspicion about April Fool's Day, and don't want a transfer/retrieval to occur on April 1, but then I had a 'suspicion' about 2 weeks ago.

This doesn't get better does it?


Thalia said...

sorry to hear about the latest disappointment. It is always hard and always sad and you are totally within your rights to be upset and angry.

The same protocol doesn't mean the same results. It's the right embryo which counts. Let's hope it shows up this time for you.

Nicole said...

Crap!!! I am sorry to hear about your latest disappointment as well. Keeping all my digits crossed for a new and improved cycle.

Hopeful Mother said...

I agree with Thalia - it's a numbers game to find the right embryo. Here's hoping that he/she shows up to the party this cycle!!

Fingers crossed...