Thursday, March 29, 2007

Is this a joke?

Back again this morning.  Had the nicest wand jockey ever.  He was very gentle, especially considering the fact that I am achy and crampy.  I got 'good' results.  Now there are 9 follicles on the right and 3 on the left still.  The 9 are 27 to 36 mm^2, the ones on the left are a bit smaller.

They want me to go ANOTHER DAY.  Seriously, I am going to burst.  I have never had to stim this long before.  I 'planned' everything out so that I wouldn't have a procedure on April Fool's Day.  I had it all worked out so I would have my retrieval on Thursday or Friday and transfer on Monday/Tuesday. 

Then they had my stay on another day, so I was pushed to Saturday still OK.  Then they told me that I was to go another day.  Seriously I am going to pop and I am running out of meds.

And we are pushed to a SUNDAY, APRIL FOOLS RETRIEVAL.  Is this a total joke?  I don't get it.  No two cycles have been the same.  Of course we haven't had the final result we were hoping for, so maybe that is alright.

So what joke are you planning for April Fool's Day??


Nico said...

I'm not surprised with follicles that size that you're feeling about ready to burst! Why are they making you wait one extra day - to make sure that as many eggs as possible will be mature? My money is on the joke this time being on the universe rather than on you!

Hopeful Mother said...

Hoping you had great results from your ER, and no jokes!