Thursday, January 04, 2007

Back on

Well, I just boycotted the last several weeks.  We didn't have a tree, do any decorating, and only bought the barest minimum of gifts.  Gift giving was easier this year in general as my siblings and I have agreed to no longer exchange gifts.  Instead we are only doing gifts for the nieces and nephews now.  It was better as the gifts are smaller and easier.  It was a little difficult as I kept spending all sorts of time in the kiddie sections of every store, but it was ok.  I have been a lot better recently, and getting better still.  It was very hard through the holidays and then on December 26, I woke up in a very good mood.  Even H commented on it.  I didn't realize it, but I was just happy that everything was over and we could move on.

There are some very kind and considerate people reading blogs.  I even got a christmas card!  It was so nice to read your comments too.  Thank you.

I do have to say today was an odd day.  I have had a cold for a few days, and apparently it has hit me a little harder than I thought.  I had a bunch of dr appointments today and was going to be out all day.  I got up, took a shower, ate breakfast, blah blah blah.  It was a totally normal morning.  I got in the car and heading to the highway.  I was about 10 minutes from my house when  I looked down and realized I was wearing my slippers.  Seriously.  I was so horrified.  I didn't have enough time to go all the way home, so I had to continue to my first appointment.  I was going to wear my Uggs and the slippers are similar to Uggs, so I was hoping that I could get away with it.  My jeans are also long so I pulled the bottoms over the slippers to hide them a little. 

I went to the first appointment and then rushed over to a Payless to try to find a pair of cheap shoes to change into.  I am still not working so I didn't want to buy something that I wouldn't wear again.  I didn't find anything in the 15 minutes I had, so I had to go to my next appointment still in slippers. 

My next appointment was with CL (crazy lady) she is the woman who gives me my meds.  Either she is crazy or I am, so I say that it is my CL appointment.  Here I am, at a therapists office, discussing how I am dealing with the miscarriage and my job search and life while sitting there in my slippers.

I called my friend and told her, and she started laughing hysterically.  I told her I wasn't going to tell H or anyone else, but I broke that about 5 minutes after I started talking to him so I figured I might as well tell you guys too!


Thalia said...

That's a classic, thank you for sharing that!

Nicole said...

Hilarious!! Glad to see you writing again. I would love to get a mental image of what those slippers looked like.

Alice said...

Ha! It's funny, but not. I would gather you've been pretty distracted as of late!

J Fife said...

Sorry. I had to laugh, but I can laugh only because that is something that I'm completely capable of doing.
Still, I bet you worked those slippers.

So good to hear from you again and even better to know that you're feeling better.

Hopeful Mother said...

I'm so glad to hear that you are getting back into the swing of things. I imagine it has been pretty difficult.

Glad to have you back... thanks for the laugh on the slippers!