Tuesday, May 16, 2006

New Clinic

Finally got most of our results from the new clinic.  We did a whole bunch of tests which had not been done before.  Yet another crappy day.

I did the clomid challenge test, and did the blood tests on day 3 and day 10.  Most of my numbers are normal except FSH, day 3 I was 2.7 (normal is above 3.9) and day 10 is 10.6 (normal is under 10).

Normally a low initial number means there is another 'obvious' problem.  Usually there is anorexia, exercise-bulimia, lack of menstruation, etc.  Just to clear the concerns, none of those things apply to me.  Not by a very very long shot.

Also a high day 10 number means that there is a decreased ovarian reserve. 

These are all bad things, though the dr can't really tell us what both of them together means. 

Good news...H's numbers have improved.  His motility is still a little low but his morphology has just entered the normal range. 

Our dr recommended that we do another cycle using my eggs, but that we should plan on using donor eggs in the very near future.  She said that we stand a fairly slim chance of getting pregnant using our own genetic material. 

Another piece of info that I need to process.  When is it time to give up?


J Fife said...

N - Another hard day. AAAaaghhh! Your head must be spinning. This is all so much to handle. Hugs...

Thalia said...

Sweetie that day 10 result isn't very high. Don't despair just yet.