Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Things are moving forward faster than I am quite ready to handle. I finally told everyone in the family and at work. Now that everyone knows, everyone wants to discuss, everything. I am happy to finally be able to talk about stuff but it feels so wrong, so confusing to talk about every little thing.

Of course I tell you most everything, but that somehow feels different. The people who read this know what path we have taken to get here and understand what we have gone through. Everyone who knows now just thinks that I just accidentally fell down pregnant one day. Not after 3 years of very directed activity.

H is super protective of me now. He doesn't really want me going to work in case someone hits me in the stomach. I don't precisely know how that would occur, but he fears that it will. A coworker believes it is because he is 'proud of what he has done', and that may be a little bit of truth but mostly I think he knows what we both went through to get here and doesn't want anything to take it away from us.

I promised photographic evidence and have had no luck getting into blogger. I don't use this account regularly and always forget the password so any time I want to do a more complicated post I have to figure out passwords, track down info. It is always a pain, but I am in today, so I am going to try to get up to date.

Today are pics of the belly growing. Unfortunately H scanned the ultrasounds to a different computer that I can't see from my laptop, so I will have to post those separately.

To me I was seeing big changes between the first 3 or 4 pics, but the photos don't show what I saw in the mirror. The last change though is really the noticeable one. We call it the delta. Basically it is the change I see each morning. I go to bed not really pregnant, but wake up larger and fatter. It is kind of amazing, in a really weird way.


Nico said...

It is so sweet that H is being so protective of you :-) I hope that as each week goes by you feel more and more comfortable talking about it.

The belly pics are great. It is amazing how much you popped in the last two weeks!

Katie said...

What great belly shots! Isn't it amazing how they grow! I lost most of my belly pics that were taken on a roll of film that the photo place exposed. ERRR! You look great, and hopefully feel great too! YAYA so happy for you and that growing little miracle!

J Fife said...

A belly! A belly! I'm so excited to see these pics. Thank you!

I also love that H takes such good care of you. He's ok, that one.

And did I tell you I'm excited to see these pictures? So happy for you. I'll go away before I have to use another exclamation point...