Wednesday, August 15, 2007

21w3d, Welcome to the Club

I had been worried as I hadn't felt any movement up till almost 21w.  I thought 20w was pretty normal and I was hoping to be 'normal'.  Finally though on 20w6d, (deadlines people, what would we accomplish without deadlines!!) I felt the first certain push.  What was really nice was that it was the day before my 35th birthday.  Maybe it was a little present from the nugget?
Either way it made me feel better.  Then two nights ago I had a bowl of ice cream and the nugget seemed to enjoy the buzz.
This morning was the big change though.  H was up early for work and I was awake and feeling a little odd.  I kept rolling over and my belly was hurting a little, mostly on the left side.  Not a big deal, just achy.  So I rolled onto my back and waited, there was a definite pushing/kicking feeling.  I put my hand on it and there were big motions!  I called H in to the room and he put his hand on my belly.  The biggest push happened about 30 seconds later.  It was enough to bounce his hand a little. 
It was an incredible morning. 
Now that I am fairly obviously showing, depending on the outfit, people talk to me about pregnancy, babies, blah blah blah.  It is like finally being inducted into a club that I knew existed but no one would admit to.  It is really nice to be 'accepted' but it does feel a little like fraud.  I feel like I got in under false circumstances.  I don't have the puppies and rainbows feeling that everyone else seems to have about pregnancy.  I feel much better than I did the first 5 months, but still, I keep expecting something unpleasant to occur.
I think I have almost broken H about knowing the gender.  We need to go shopping for some stuff for a registry and I looked around the other night.  I saw these cute outfit sets from Tar-jhay.  There was a set for each gender with a couple sleepers, onesies, hat and bib.  So cute.  The alternate, non-gendered option, was a pack of white onesies.  Boring.  I am hoping that he will want to know soon so we can pick out cute, appropriate stuff. 


Katie said...

Wow, from firts movements to kicking the hubby, this little one is gonna be a soccer player! How exciting for you, I loved that part of being pregnant! In a month or so put a piece of ice or something on that beautiufl belly and watch little one POW it off! Love reading your updates, so glad that things are going so well for you!

Nicole said...

Thanks Katie,
We are hoping for a rugger! That would be nice.

J Fife said...

Isn't that incredible? I remember sitting in meetings with a bunch of men while having acrobatics in my belly. They had no clue. It was a wonderful little secret but hard to keep a straight, serious face.

No. Not a rugger. Not nice at all. They are crazy, crazy people.

So happy for you!!!

Nico said...

SO cool that you can feel the baby moving. I really miss that!

I don't think you got into the club under false pretexts at all - you had to work SO hard to get there, you should get to be a vip!