Friday, January 18, 2008

One Month

My beautiful baby boy turned one month old yesterday.  It has been an exciting, exhausting month for everyone. 

I love his mouth, his cheeks, all his chins, and even all the rolls on his neck.  He is such a good boy for mommy.  He isn't the best sleeper yet, but any fussing can be solved by a hug from mommy. 

When he is sleeping he is beautiful and so sweet.  When he is awake he is alert and attentive.  He stares at everything right now. 

Once in a while it almost looks like we are getting a smile, but he often smiles in his sleep.  I would love to know what he dreams about.  (I would guess poop and the boob).

I love this new little being so much.  I fear every minute that something might hurt him.  Every gurgle and cough needs to be checked to make sure he continues breathing.  I worry that I will fail him somehow, yet all I want to do is give him everything he wants.

I will try to update with some pictures later if I can get a nap myself. 


Nico said...

You sound really happy! I would love to see some pics when you get a chance.

J Fife said...

Happy one month! Isn't it amazing - all of the emotions that one little baby can fire up in you?

About the dreams, I'd bet all males (big and small) pretty much dream about the same thing.

Hope you got a nap.