Wednesday, January 30, 2008

6w2d, changes

Sebastian is changing so much this week.  He is now alert for much longer, which is bad for my napping schedule, but cool to watch.

He actually fell asleep on his activity mat today for about 5 minutes, maybe 8 minutes.  This is a huge step.  He hasn't slept on his back yet, until this morning.  He also slept in his car seat, on the floor for almost 2 hours yesterday.  That was amazing.  I didn't get much done since I just kept waiting for him to stir and end the nap.  Every other day had been either a 3 minute nap, or a long nap that he had to be held throughout.

I had my 6 week appointment on Monday and all went well.  It was funny though, I am really bad about any sort of gyno stuff.  I get anxious every time they go to do a pap that I tense up and make it that much more uncomfortable and difficult.  Still it has to be done and apparently had to be done on Monday.  The nurse said that if I thought it would help she would put the baby on my chest during the exam as a distraction.  He was calm so I didn't want to disturb him. 

As soon as she put the speculum in and I tensed up, he started screaming.  He continued crying the entire exam and calmed as soon as the exam was over.  I know he probably had a burp or something that irritated him, but it felt nice that he seemed to sympathize with me.  The nurse commented that he was 'in tune' with my feelings.  Sure, and the fart that was building in his butt.

Still, he is wonderful and beautiful. 

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