Thursday, October 18, 2007


I have a lot of stuff floating about in my head regarding this pregnancy right now and it has been tough to put it down in writing.
We had another appointment this week and we are in the 93%ile for size, so we are sticking around the same growth rates as the last few appointments.  The head measured 10.3cm x 7.8cm (ish).  This is basically 4" x 3" which seems like a good size.  Also I had protein in my urine yesterday.  I was a +2, but my bp is 90/56, so that isn't the concern.  Apparently there is a dehydration issue associated with protein in the urine, so I need to be a little more careful and see if that helps at all. 
We had a big bbq for H's birthday a couple of weeks ago and finally told the world the gender of the baby. 
I have kept this secret for 13 weeks, and now that it is out, I am feeling a little let down.  I am glad people know, though I don't want all gendered clothing, but then I didn't want everything in yellow and green either!  I am very particular this week.
We are having a boy.  We haven't picked a name yet or anything.  I know H wanted a girl but now he is thrilled by 'his son', 'our son', 'the boy nugget'.  I am happy for him, and now need to come to my own acceptance. 
Almost all of our friends have girls.  All the babies close in age to ours are girls.  We are the only ones having a boy.  In some ways that sounds nice, but it also sounds a little lonely.  Both for me and the baby.  Who will we spend time with?  Will all the children in the local mother's group be girls and if so, who will my son play with??  I know these things resolve themselves, but it is still where my mind is running right now.


J Fife said...

Nugget is a boy! So excited for you.

You know, we've been surprised by the number of friends we've made due to Sarah. Really good friends. It's amazing how many parents are looking for someone to share/commiserate/etc. in the mind blowing experience. I hope it works out the same for you.

Also, you're 30 weeks pregnant. You have the right to feel any damn way you want.

Hope you're staying comfortable. Hugs!

Nico said...

I have an inkling of how you feel on the boy/girl issue.

First, your son will play with the girls with no problem, and in fact may end up being a better man for all that feminine influence on him. And you can always come and play with us :-)

I always imagined myself with a girl child. I was sad, in some respects, when I found out that Ant was a boy. But I love him with every ounce of my being now, and although I still have momentary longings for my little girl, can't now imagine it any other way.

I don't think that you should feel bad or guilty for feeling some ambivalence about having a boy, I think a lot of us have gone through that. Thalia posted about it a few months ago, might be worth checking out her post and the comments for more thoughts on the topic.