Wednesday, October 03, 2007

28w3d, Holy Crap

Had another appointment and now the size estimate is in the 97th percentile!  Holy crap. They checked my diabetes levels and found everything to be normal so that isn't the problem. 
OMG, I seriously do not know what I will do with a 10lb infant.  How does one even escape the body???


Nico said...

Holy crap indeed. Glad it's not diabetes. Hopefully the babe's growth will slow down a little. Although plenty of people deliver big babies without much trouble.

28 weeks!!! I am SO happy for you.

J Fife said...

Well on the bright side, big babies typically sleep through the night sooner.

I hope the Nugget slows down and that you're managing to stay comfortable with that not-so-little one.

Elizabeth said...

Hope everything is well! You are 30weeks 4days now WOW! Please update soon! Only 9 weeks 3 days to go!