Thursday, August 03, 2006

Some recommendations:

We just saw a movie the other night that I definitely recommend.  It is called "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and it has Robert Downey Jr and Val Kilmer.  It is sort of an old fashioned noir mystery and it has a great sense of humor.  It came out last year sometime, but was marketed terribly. 

Also, just started "Cell" by Stephen King.  Very quick read and compelling in an apocolyptic way. 

Just some summer time things to think about.


Nico said...

Funny how we all have such different taste. M and I watched KKBB not too long ago, and just didn't really get it. A friend had recommended it and said it was really funny, but I guess it just wasn't our sense of humor. I've been getting lots of books out of the library recently, I'll have to see if they have the cell :-)

have you been to see the acupuncturist again, or did you give up on that?

J Fife said...

Thanks for the recommendations. We have a movie from Netflix that's been sitting unwatched for (seriously) at least three months. If we ever get around to that movie, we'll add your suggestion to the list. So behind...