Thursday, February 23, 2006

More news

Just the other day my friend told me she and her husband are discussing their third child.  They had always talked about 2, for as long as I have known her, and they have 1 of each so I never expected her to have that discussion. 

These are incredibly good friends of ours and we love them greatly.  I feel like she just tried to slip that into conversation and didn't know how I would react. 

I feel like I handled it well, though the subsequent bout of depression might argue against that.  I just didn't know what to say.  When she had her second and we were still unsuccessful trying, I was sad that our children might not get to grow up together. 

Now that they are discussing their third, and we are on our 4th IVF, it seems I might never even have children for her children to get to know.

She has always been incredibly supportive of our issues, and I certainly don't expect her to hold off on another child until I am ready for her to have one, but I am still shell-shocked.

Why is it all so hard sometimes?


thalia said...

It is just horribly hard, isn't it? Maybe when the cycle starts you'll have something to cling onto for a while. It won't make it go away, but it might help.

J Fife said...

N - I wish I had more than hugs to offer. This is all so difficult. I KNOW good things are waiting for you. You deserve them.

fisher queen said...

I wish it weren't. I hate not being able to feel happy for other people without thinking of my pain. But I can't, so there it is.

Anonymous said...

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