Thursday, February 02, 2006

Bleeding again

Last night the bleeding began.  Granted I expected it, though not when since the DNC changed my cycle to something unscheduleable, but still it is disappointing.  I know I shouldn't be sad (and I am not too bad) but still there was always that teeny, tiny hope that maybe I could have gotten pregnant this cycle.  With no medical intervention, and no planning.  Maybe I had relaxed or something!  But no, unfortunately that isn't the case. 

Since there is a wait until the next time we can even try, (10weeks) I will need to start posting about my random thoughts.

I don't want to talk about H much, or family, since it seems that gets people into trouble, but I will see what pieces of random flightiness pops out of my head over the next few months.


Anonymous said...

I just noticed your comment on "Jaileer's" new blog.
I wanted to leave the same thing since he seems to think so highly of himself, yet can't spell to save his life! However, now with a comment on his new blog from "one of us" he will surely never write again! And we can't get our fix of craziness. Oh well.
Funny. You read my mind when I found his new blog. I am assuming you read Fertilely Challenged as I do which is how you found the Jaileer blog. I don't know why this guy buggs me so much, does he bug you? So righteous! Ok, good luck with all of your endeavors.

NCD said...

Yes, I do read FC and quite enjoy it. I look at his blog because it is quite compelling, in a weird sort of way. He thinks of himself so highly and even has readers who totally agree with him.

I know, he probably won't write again with a comment from the 'crazies' but I couldn't leave those out there!

He hasn't written in 2 months, I hope he isn't bored of his 'situation' already. He was kinda gung-ho but then just gave up. I don't think you can blame that on us infertiles.

Here's to hoping he does post again. It is certainly entertaining.

Nico said...

I'm so sorry you're bleeding again - even when you don't think it's at all possible that you are pg, it still can be a bit shattering when you get the final word. I hope, though, that this means things are getting back on track, and you can actually try again soon!

Thalia said...

It's always disappointing. Every every time. I am sorry.

Rebecca said...

I'm sorry you're bleeding. I always seem to hang on to that tiny little shred of hope too.

Speaking of hope, I hope the next 10 weeks pass quickly for you.

Nico said...

Hey chica,

Hope you're doing okay!

J Fife said...

Hey, N. Just thinking about you. Hope all is well.