Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Mother of the Year AND Hostess of the Year

Well this weekend I won all sorts of awards. I had a cookout with friends and family on the fourth. It was fun but a bit stressful. We ended up having 30 or 40 people and fireworks! There might have been about 50 lbs of meat, and pretty much all of it was consumed.

Not only did we have friends over we had them STAY over. The evening of the 4th my house had 8 adults and 3 children. These 8 adults include my mother in law and a new au pair who has know been in our house for 4 days.

That night, apparently, I slept through Sebastian crying. I wake up every night yet that one night, when I have everyone I know sleeping in my house, I sleep through my son's crying.

There were 2 mothers with sub-6 year olds, and they both kept coming up the stairs to check and then rethinking it. They were afraid I was letting him cry it out, and they would be undermining my authority but instead we all just let him cry.

Apparently he cried for 10 minutes or so then put himself back to sleep until the morning.

Yep, mom of the year AND hostess of the year. I rock!!


J Fife said...

I don't think I'm supposed to be laughing, but I am.

But 30-40 guests! That is not funny. Hope you've recovered.

B.Mare said...

No wonder you slept through- you must have been knackered!

On the upside, you've learned something about your baby's capacity to cry then put himself back to sleep, which might be helpful if you ever do ned to think about sleep training. 10 minutes is amazing- Botany would have been wailing for an hour (and then people would really be giving me the stink eye in the morning!)