Tuesday, March 18, 2008

3 Months

Dear Sebastian

You turned 3 months old yesterday.  I look at you in amazement.  You have gotten so big and heavy that everyday I think you cannot get any bigger.  You seem to be around 16 lbs now and we saw your friend Eliot yesterday who weighs 13 and is 3 weeks younger.  He felt so light to me. 

You are a big boy, and usually happy.  Except for yesterday when I tried to surprise daddy with a photo from babies r us.  You wouldn't sit still, smile, or even look at the nice woman with the camera.  Next time we will have to bring daddy since he is the only one who can consistently make you smile.

You have just started to laugh too.  Again daddy is the only one you will do it for consistently but I love the sound.  It is so amazingly funny.

You grabbed your pacifier for the first time just a couple of days ago.  You still can't put it in or near your mouth, but you did grab it and pick it up.

I can't help but love you.

I have laryngitis today so our time together has been very quiet, which confuses you, I hope to have my voice back soon so we can start to play and read again.

Love, Mommy

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