Wednesday, December 12, 2007

38w3d, Belly pix!

Ok, here goes! I am wearing the same pants in each picture and look at how low they need to ride to be on the latest pictures! I think I am cutting off some circulation here.

Anyway, that is the last of the belly pictures, next up is either labor or c-section. Nugget was very active tonight. I don't think he wants to be inside any longer. He is ready to escape.


Nico said...

Oh, what a beautiful belly you have! I can't wait to meet the little guy inside it, as I'm sure is true for you :-) Good luck!!!

J Fife said...

You look fantastic! All belly. Hope the weather cooperates. A panicky J cannot be good. Comical maybe, but not good.

So excited for you! Good luck and easy labor vibes to you. I can't believe you'll be a mom in just a few days. Wow!